Training a Puppy During Lockdown

Training a new puppy can be a difficult task. But, what about training a new puppy in the middle of a global lockdown? There’s no denying that it’s going to be a little rough.

Yet, while you may hit some bumps in the road, don’t let the impending stress deter you from welcoming your furry friend into your home. With the challenges of training, a new puppy comes the excitement of companionship, undeniable love, and a new adventure.

If you need a little help to get you started, here are four tips for training your new puppy during a lockdown.

1. Spend Time Getting Puppy Acclimated Into Your Home

The first step to training your new puppy is to spend time getting them acclimated to your home. Acclimation includes showing them the entirety of your apartment or house and setting boundaries for where they can and cannot roam. 

A good rule for training a new puppy is to set up a designated spot for them that they will utilize their entire life. For example, if you want to have your pup eat their food and drink their water in your laundry room – then, that is where you should establish their crate, toys, and dishes. By doing this, you are essentially marking the space as their territory.  

If you use a crate for your puppy, which can help with behavioral training and proper sleeping habits when you first bring them home, you don’t want to place it in a room that will be off-limits. Of course, this is entirely up to you as the owner, but be mindful of where you establish your puppy’s space as habits you instill in their developing years will be ingrained into their behavior as they grow up. 

2. Set Up A Routine and Schedule For Your Puppy

Next, you should ensure that your puppy is set up with a routine. Setting a routine is usually the most challenging part of training if your schedule is also incredibly busy. Yet, during these uncertain times – you’re most likely staying at home more than usual unless you’re an essential worker, and therefore will have more time to spend setting up a daily schedule for your new pal.  

A routine is incredibly important as it sets time stamps for your dog. This consistency will give them an indication of when it’s time to go outside, eat their meals, and have their special treats. Like a human needs structure, dogs look for the same kind of stability to keep their days in order. 

To set up a schedule for your dog, you need to be consistent with your actions. This means establishing time frames that you can stick with. For example, let’s say you take your dog outside to do their business every morning at 7:30 a.m. This set time will eventually be recognizable to your dog, and their internal clock will realize that it’s almost time to go outside. 

When setting this routine during a lockdown, you should choose times related to your “normal” schedule when you eventually go back to the office. If, during a lockdown, you train your puppy to go out at 9 a.m. because you sleep in more while working from home, you will completely throw them off once you start rising early and heading off to work. 

Follow these guidelines for feeding your puppy and any treat times you may set up for them. In all, building a routine during your puppy’s infancy will promote good behavior and obedience for years to come.

3. Utilize An Online Dog Trainer During Lockdown

While you can train your puppy on your own, you may want to consider hiring a trainer to fill in the gaps and offer some professional advice. 

Even though most dog training schools are closed, you can still hire a trainer via a remote/online session. 

Here are a few services to consider:

Spirit Dog Training 

Spirit Dog offers the Ultimate Puppy Program. It covers “potty training, obedience, manners, enrichment, and recall games to daily life tips.” 

All Day Dog Training

All Day Dog Trainers offer an array of classes from puppy training to behavioral consultations. 

According to their website, the puppy training program covers: “This class is for puppies aged eight weeks to around nine months (depending on the level of training and socialization), setting your puppy up for success and providing you with the basic training starting points. We teach you how to teach your puppy basic manners using fun, reward-based methods.” 

Right now, it shows that the puppy training is only offered in person and began in March of 2020. But, you can still join a behavioral consultation online, which will help a trainer get a sense of your puppy’s obedience level and what you can do to improve or strengthen their inherent behaviors. 

One Mind Dogs

The last online puppy training option is through One Mind Dogs. Their setup is slightly different from the previous options as they offer a subscription-based service for $29/month. 

With the subscription, you will have access to: 

  • 100+ online lessons
  • Videos, tips, and troubleshooting
  • The flexible training schedule that is suitable for all breeds

With One Mind, you can efficiently train your new puppy from your home’s comfort just by using your phone. 

4. Give Puppy Extra Love and Attention During Lockdown

Our final tip for training your new puppy is to shower them with extra love and attention. We all know that this year has been anything but easy. And, even though you may not realize it – your furry friend can sense when you’re stressed or not feeling your best. 

Yet, despite all the ups and downs of 2020 – inviting a new puppy into your home should be exciting and a well-deserved break from everything else. Therefore, erase your negative feelings by giving your new puppy extra love and attention. Not only will you feel better, but your pup will feel more comfortable and at home. 

Puppies need extra affection when they are first brought home. Leaving their mother and the rest of the litter behind can often be a little scary for your dog to understand their new surroundings fully. That’s why you need to give them extra special attention to form a connection with you as their owner and their new family. 

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As you can see, training a new puppy during lockdown takes time and patience. By acclimating your pet to your home, setting a routine, hiring an online trainer, and showering them in love – you’ll have your puppy behaving well and feeling happy in no time. 

Article written by Author: Shannon Ciricillo

Puppy Training During Lockdown

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