Write for Us

Are you a writer, who also happens to be a dog lover? Someone who works with dogs, or better still, a dog expert? Then you are welcome to submit an article for publication on The Dog Daily.

The Dog Daily is currently accepting submissions on the following topics:

  • What Dog Food is Best for Allergies? (min 1000 words) – An article on food allergies in dogs and what foods to feed these dogs with a focus on hydrolyzed protein dog food and hypoallergenic dog food.  This article is to complement our existing article ‘Dog Food Allergies‘.
  • Can My Dog Eat …? (500 words) – This should be a general article on human food items and their safety with regard to feeding to dogs.
  • Socialization (500 words) – We are looking for a general article on the socialization of dogs.
  • Safety (500 words) – This should be an article on general safety with regard to keeping dogs safe.
  • Pests and Parasites (500 words) – We are looking for a general article about the pests and parasites that can infect dogs.

We currently have articles on aspects of these topics but are looking for an overview.  Please see the articles we currently have in these categories above to avoid duplication.

  • How to Socialize a Puppy (min 1000 words)
  • How to House Train a Puppy (min 1000 words)
  • How to Train a Puppy to ‘Sit’ (min 300 words)
  • How to Train a Puppy to ‘Stay’ (min 300 words)
  • How to Train a Puppy to ‘Come’ (min 300 words)
  • How to Train a Puppy to ‘Heel’ (min 300 words)
  • Separation Anxiety (min 1000 words)
  • Articles reviewing dog-related products (min 1000 words) – for example
    • Dog toys
    • Dog leashes – please check our existing article on durable dog leashes to avoid any duplication
    • Dog crates
    • Dog jackets
    • Dog life jackets
    • Dog harnesses
    • Dog dental chews
    • Dog grooming products

Product review articles will need to be comprehensive and ideally based on some personal experience using the products.

Submission Guidelines

  • The charge per article is $40USD.
  • Please include a short bio about yourself (80 words). Provide some information about your canine knowledge and experience. Your bio will be published on our authors’ page, so if you would like to include a photo, please do so. We can also link to your website if you have one.
  • You can have up to five links to high-quality sites per article (one for approximately every 200 words). These links will potentially be nofollow at our discretion. Please indicate if you have any links that you need to remain as ‘follows.’  All external links must be relevant to the content. The anchor text must be written naturally within the article and create a relevant link between your article and where you are linking to.
  • Your article needs to be unpublished, original content, and then only published on The Dog Daily.
  • Follow general best practices for writing for the web. Keep sentences concise and include a subheading every 300 words.
  • We reserve the right to make minor grammatical changes and optimize for SEO.
  • Please contact info@thedogdaily.com for further information.