Traveling with Your Dog

A dog that never leaves your side at home can still be unpredictable in a foreign environment, like a rest stop. Never let it off a restraint outdoors while traveling. “A dog off-leash is at risk for getting injured or lost,” warns Dr. Murray. “No dog is immune to temptation or fear. A passing biker or the backfiring of a car engine can send it running.” Invest in a snug collar that won’t slip over its head.

How Long Can You Leave Your Dog in the Car?

Just as it’s never safe to let a traveling dog off the leash, it’s also never safe to leave a traveling dog alone in a car. Not leaving your dog in the car is especially important during the summer, when car temperatures can become fatal within minutes, even if it’s overcast and the windows are open.

Should You Feed Your Dog Before a Car Ride?

Try to feed your dog for at least six hours before strapping it into its seat belt. Dog stomachs tend to respond poorly to the bumps and jolts of cars and planes. Nausea and vomiting can result from feeding time being too close to departure time.

Article written by Author:  The Dog Daily Expert

Traveling with Your Dog

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