Best Dog Breeds For First Time Owners

If you’ve never owned a puppy but you’re looking at getting one, you’re in for a journey filled with love, licks, and maybe just a little frustration. It’s all worth it, though! 

Your new little companions adorable and goofy behavior will make every day brighter. But to make sure you don’t end up with a high-maintenance, difficult-to-deal-with dog your first time, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 puppy breeds for first-time dog parents. 

They’re all low-maintenance dogs, and each is best suited for a specific type of person or lifestyle. I recommend starting with a puppy and not an adult dog, as you can watch them grow and bond with them from a young age

Best Dog Breed For Apartments – Basset Hound 

These gorgeous hound puppies are excellent dogs for first-time owners, especially those who live in an apartment. 

Basset Hounds need a little exercise to avoid becoming chunky, but in general, they’re more than happy to toddle around the house with you and chill on the sofa. The perfect low-maintenance puppy for a small-space living! 

They’re also incredibly loyal, so they’ll become a loving and welcome companion if you live by yourself. Warning: they drool. A lot. 

Best Energetic Dog Breed – Boxer 

The Boxer puppy grows into a medium-sized dog with a lot of energy. They’d be a great puppy for first-timers who want an active dog they can exercise with. 

They can become destructive if not exercised enough, so a daily run and wrestle are in order. 

New pet parents will be happy to know that they don’t drool much, but they tend to leave little hairs on everything. Apart from vacuuming and exercising, they’re low-maintenance and adorably goofy. 

Best Dog Breed For Families – Golden Retriever 

New pet parents who have a family, a Golden Retriever puppy would be perfect. Golden puppies are great with kids. They’re the ideal companion to grow up with, and they can help each other get enough exercise during the day. 

Golden Retriever puppy owners will find that they’re easy to train, as they’re eager to please. The only maintenance work you’ll have to do is keeping that coat brushed, even from a young age! 

Best Small Dog Breed – Boston Terrier

Nicknamed “The American Gentleman,” these little guys and girls are smart and adore spending time with their humans. Their size and cute nature make them great puppies for new owners who want a designer breed that’s not too difficult to deal with. 

These big-eared puppies need a fair bit of exercise, but they’re small enough to get it done indoors if necessary. 

Boston Terriers can be prone to some health issues, so it’s essential to feed them a high-quality dog food from a young age and monitor their breathing. Those short noses can sometimes lead to problems! 

Best Large Dog Breed – Great Dane 

Don’t be put off by the Great Dane’s size! They’re incredibly gentle – the true epitome of the phrase “gentle giant.” 

Although they’re gentle, they would be great for apartment-dwellers who want a loving dog that offers a bit of security – that size can be intimidating, and puppies are as big as a small or medium breed!

Surprisingly, Great Danes can survive happily in an apartment as long as they get regular visits to the great outdoors to blow off steam. They don’t shed much for most of the year, although they can be quite drooly. 

Be prepared to be sat on, though. These big babies love affection and won’t think twice about sitting on your lap, even once they’re grown! 

Have you decided which puppy is for you? Whatever you choose, every puppy deserves love, care, and treats. Be sure to shower them with affection and give them all they need to be happy and healthy. For more advice on choosing the right dog breed, check out our article “What’s the Best Dog Breed for Me?

And, if possible, adopt a pup in need instead of buying. There are families out there who need a puppy; there are puppies out there who need loving families. 

Article written by Author: Mike Powell

Best Dog Breeds For First Time Owners

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