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If you own a dog, you surely know how important it is to provide them with various kinds of entertainment. Besides cuddles, you can also make your pet happy with a variety of different toys. However, choosing the right dog toy is not so easy. It needs to balance being too easy or too challenging to keep your dog engaged.  

A good toy should be able to keep your dog busy by stimulating physical and intellectual development. It also promotes its natural behavior, such as exploring or playing alone. Once your dog realizes it can have fun without you, you’d be freer to do your things without feeling guilty. 

Moreover, a good toy is associated with excitement and entertainment, which is closely linked to the person the dog receives it from.

In other words, giving your dog a toy will help build a positive relationship.

If you’re looking for exciting and long-lasting toys for your dog, we’re here to help. Below you can find the best entertainers in 2020.

Kong Dog Toy

According to PetPlace, “It is important to stay away from any toy that may be a choking or swallowing hazard. Toys that can be swallowed can cause a “foreign body,” which means the object becomes lodged in the intestinal tract and may require a surgical procedure to be removed.”

Kong dog toys are a non-toxic, easy-to-clean rubber toy with a hollow center where you can place food or treats. I like to give my dog a Kong filled with peanut butter. It keeps her busy for hours! If you give your dog peanut butter, check the label to ensure it does not contain the sweetener Xylitol.

Kongs are great for keeping a dog busy and motivated and provides a healthy outlet for their natural desires, such as licking, biting, and chewing. It comes in different sizes and colors. Your dog will love it, maybe as much as mine. 

Spiky Squeaker Ball Dog Toy

Another thing to offer is a spiky squeaker ball, ideal for dogs. It’s made with durable material, which can last longer and cause no harm to your pet. The spiky texture of the toy makes excellent dental protection – massage the gums and clean the teeth. The ball makes noise once you squeeze it, which also stimulates your dog for interaction.  

Additionally, spiky balls come with different sizes and colors, and they are super light.

Zogoflex Bumi Dog Toy

The West Paw Zogoflex Bumi toy stands out with its unique “S” shape. It’s made from BPA-free plastic, which makes it a safe thing for the most vigorous chewers. It’s also 100% recyclable. The most significant advantage is the design that can encourage two dogs to play with each other, making the game more competitive. 

Zogoflex is a lovely upgrade from a standard rope tug toy that perfectly adapts to the most demanding dogs, being able to occupy them for hours. What’s also good is the policy of the company. If your dog chews through the toy, they will replace it or give you a refund. 

Nina Ottosson DogTwister Interactive Game

Another way to engage your dog for a long time is by providing them with a challenging puzzle toy. This entertaining pet treat dispenser trains the dog to learn sequential steps with different levels. It’s a great brain exercise. You lock compartments which contain some dog snacks so your pet can find them. 

As usual, it goes with different difficulty levels that can stimulate your pet’s problem-solving skills, as well as lower destructive behavior, and keep them busy for more than five minutes. It’s also a brilliant way to sneak some healthy food snacks into your dog’s diet.  

Chuckit Indoor Ball Dog Toy

Last but not least, we have a solution for small apartment owners. If you can’t make it outside and want to keep your dog distracted without the risk of making a mess, the indoor ball is here for the rescue. The light fabric and design will protect all the surfaces in your house. 

What stimulates the dogs the most is the ball’s ability to bounce, which will surely make your dog run wild chasing it. Don’t worry about the material; the Chuckit toy features a durable multilayer construction, which makes them durable even for aggressive chewers. 

Hopefully, we helped you a little with the toy choice for your pet. Remember, dogs are active animals, and they love to explore the unknown with their mouth. Before they let themselves explore your shoes or couch, try to provide them with good-quality, challenging toys. You won’t regret such investments. Rewarding your dogs with things to play keeps them busy and out of trouble for a long time, not to mention the intellectual development and entertainment they get from it. 

Check out these and more of our favorite dog toys.

Written by Author: Karl Bosch

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