What Are the Most Common Behavior Problems in Dogs?

Individual dogs, like people, misbehave in their unique ways. However, sometimes this is tied to breeding. Some dogs, like Coonhounds, were bred to be very vocal. It’s therefore not the dog’s fault that it has a predisposed drive to howl loudly. In fact, under the right situations, that behavior is desired.

However, surveys still show that some behavioral issues are common among all dogs, no matter the breed. In their book Handbook of Behavior Problems of the Dog and Cat, authors Gary LandsbergWayne Hunthausen, and Lowell Ackerman present not just one but two such lists based on surveys.

The first list mentions the most common problems as reported by dog owners:

1. Jumping up

2. Barking

3. Begging for food

4. Jumping on furniture

5. Digging

6. Chewing

7. Showing a fear of noises

8. Being overprotective of family

9. Being overprotective of property (tied with number 8)

10. Escaping from the yard

The other list contains the most common dog behavioral problems as reported by referral practices:

1. Aggression

2. Inappropriate elimination

3. Destructive behavior

4. Excitability/unruliness

5. Barking

6. Fears and phobias

7. Excessive submission

8. Compulsive and stereotypical behaviors

The book also goes on to list the most common problems that lead to increased risk for relinquishment. The top three:

1. Aggression to pets or people

2. Barking

3. Destructive behavior

What’s missing, of course, is a list of what pet owners themselves did wrong when training and caring for their dogs. Nearly all of the above behavior problems can be solved with good socialization and training.

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