Should You Let Your Dog Lick Your Face?

The majority of people seem to like their dogs licking them because they believe their dog loves them. Nevertheless, it would be best if you remained cautious because dogs can accidentally harm you. Their mouths may be clean, but they contain a lot of natural germs that can be dangerous to humans; that’s why your dog licking you might be hazardous. You shouldn’t worry much, though, as long as it doesn’t touch an open wound, your eyes, nose, or mouth.

Why Does My Dog Lick Me In the Face?

People love their dogs. These animals aren’t only adorable additions to the family – they are participants.

Dog owners tend to spend a great deal of time looking for the ideal food, buying toys, and even clothing for their best friends, searching for ways to train them, adjust the houses, and make their dogs’ life extra comfortable and more secure. It’s no surprise they observe their dog and wait for a signal that their love is reciprocated.

That’s just how they see their dog licking them in the face. Dogs seem to be licking a whole lot. Most dog owners see it as an indicator of affection. Is it the case? Some dogs tend to lick people’s faces more than others. Does it imply that they are much more caring? Or is there something more to it? Possibly they greet in that way, or attempt to taste you? Sadly, there is no specific answer, but dog experts have some theories:

  • Why Does My Dog Lick Me So Much?

Your dog licking you may be for attention. Dogs are quick to observe which behaviors force different kinds of reactions, so they probably recognize that licking will certainly always provoke a response. Many people laugh and smile when their dog licks them, yet some will certainly get annoyed. It does not matter if the reaction is unfavorable or favorable when your dog desires attention. They just want you to notice them when they feel sad, bored, or lonely, as well as they feel compensated even if you are busy with something else. Barking isn’t always as efficient as licking.

  • Do Dogs Like How You Taste?

Do not stress; it does not suggest that your dog will ultimately wind up eating you. But dogs can indeed appreciate your taste. Besides, it’s a little salty and extremely particular, and also, dogs often tend to lick these kinds of flavors. Dog licking is also their way of discovering their surroundings – dogs need to touch and taste almost whatever they see. And you become part of their world.

  • Can Dogs Pick Up On Human Anxiety?

Dogs appear to understand whenever you’re stressed out, anxious, or sad. So if you come back from work feeling exhausted and upset, and you lay on the couch, you may anticipate your dog running to you to bring you some comfort. Your dog will do so by licking your feet or hands. And also some people find it is quite calming.

  • Are Dog Licks Really Kisses?

Yes, one of the reasons dogs lick you is probably affection, as they tend to lick people that they spend a great deal of time with. Besides, that’s what their moms do when they have their puppies – they lick them to show them love and make them feel safe. Dogs lick your face if they can get to it, or any other spot of skin available, like hands, neck, or a leg. So why do some dogs tend to lick more than others? It’s much like with people – not everyone loves embracing and kissing; however, it does not indicate they like you less. They may have different methods of revealing affection, or they do not like licking.

How Do I Get My Dog To Stop Licking Me?

You may love your dog’s kisses; however, no one wants them all the time. You might also assume that having a dog licking your face is horrible – it’s ok; it does not suggest that you don’t love your dog. Among the most reliable methods to stop your dog licking you is to quit showing your emotions while being licked. Don’t show your happiness, and do not reveal to your dog that you’re angry about those licks. Turn your head away and act like it didn’t occur. When they’re not licking you, reward him with love. A little bit complicated, but still feasible, is to train your dog to kiss you just when he hears a specific command. You might try it on your own, by awarding those wanted kisses as well as overlooking unwanted kisses. You can also turn to a dog instructor.

Can Dogs Have OCD?

It’s not very common, yet it’s possible in the case of dogs that have experienced trauma and prolonged stress and anxiety. If it seems like your dog is licking every little thing too often, including himself, you must think about talking to your veterinarian or going to a pet behaviorist directly. Your dog may likewise require medications to alleviate it’s anxiety, as they aren’t capable of finding out if they’re stressed. Yet medications must regularly be combined with proper training. If your pet has an unidentified history (or you recognize that he has been abused in the past), it’s particularly vital to respond.

The Area Surrounding My Dog’s Feet Is Red, and He Licks It a Lot. What Kind of Treatment Can I Apply?

Most of your dog’s sense of touch is located in its paws, and it sweats there too, so it’s good that you noticed the problem so you can keep your dog’s paws in good shape. The good news is that the symptoms you describe, redness, and your dog’s paw licking, are quite common. The bad news is that any number of causes can lead to this behavior. They include:

  • Skin irritants, such as salt or chemicals on the ground 
  • Infection due to parasites, fungi, or bacteria 
  • Allergies, arthritis, or some other more internal problem 
  • Cysts or other growths. 

Paw redness can also be due to dogs habitually chewing and grooming the area, similar to a child biting its fingernails a lot. It could be your dog reacting to stress and boredom. Schedule a visit for your dog with his veterinarian to determine precisely what’s going on. If there is no medical cause, behavior modification might be needed to break your dog’s paw-licking habit. You would also need to identify the source of any stress and try to resolve that issue.

How Do I Treat a Yeast Infection On My Dog’s Paws?

If your dog’s paws are always damp from excessive licking, they will be more susceptible to developing a yeast infection. Things to look out for include skin redness, itching, odor, thickened skin, swelling, warmth, and flakey or crusty skin. Bathe your dog using an antifungal shampoo, ensuring that you clean the affected areas thoroughly. For the next step, use an antifungal spray, or you can make up a spray at home using half organic apple cider vinegar and half water. As yeast needs a moist environment to thrive, keep your dog’s paws as dry as possible.

It is essential to determine what caused the yeast infection to prevent it from coming back. Some common causes include; allergies (food, pollen, skin, etc.) and often damp skin (from licking, swimming, etc.). Sometimes hot, humid weather can increase the chances of a yeast infection developing.

How Can I Get My Dog To Stop Licking His Paws?

If your dog is licking his paws occasionally, then it is part of his self-grooming routine. However, if it is occurring frequently or aggressively, then that indicates that there is a   

problem. Check the paws carefully for signs of injury or other health-related issues such as a food allergy or a fungal infection. It is essential to have your dog checked out by your veterinarian to ensure there is no medical reason for your dog licking his paws. 

If there is no medical cause, behavior modification might be needed to break your dog’s paw-licking habit. You would also need to identify the source of any stress and try to resolve that issue.

Excessive dog licking should stop once the cause has been determined, and treatment sought.  

Article written by Author: The Dog Daily Expert

Why Does My Dog Lick Me So Much

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