Can My Dog Attend My Wedding?

One of the most important decisions to make when planning a wedding is who to invite. Couples often spend days mulling over lists of friends, colleagues, and family members. As you wrote your list, your pets are part of your families, so why not invite them?

These days, almost anything goes at weddings. If you plan the festivities yourself, your nuptials could consist of anything from a barefoot-on-the-beach ceremony to a more formal church service. For the latter, your dog would have to be very well-socialized so that it would not become anxious in a crowd or react (such as by bolting) to sudden noises, like hand-clapping or loud music. You don’t want to be saying “I do” while your dog is running for its life! Also, be sure to ask in advance about permissions since some venues do not allow dogs. A lot of pet clothing manufacturers now make cute bridal gowns and tuxes for dogs.

Send Your Dog on Honeymoon

You can also arrange for a pet wedding package.  Purr’n Pooch of New Jersey, for example, can assist you with training your dog to be on its best behavior when walking down the aisle. The luxury pet boarders even send your dog on its honeymoon while you and your better half go on yours. The dog honeymoon package includes daily day care, time to swim in the pool, and massage therapy. Your dog will stay in a suite with 

DIRECTV, leather and foam memory couches made for dogs, classical music, and more. Each dog guest additionally receives a Berber sleeping blanket along with spring water. With all of that, your dog will probably hope that you renew your wedding vows regularly!

The idea for the dog wedding deal came when owner Dick Palazzo and his family were planning one of their daughters’ marriage. She wanted to include the family dog on her special day, and from this lightning-bolt moment came the start of the Purr’n Pooch special wedding package.

Article written by Author: The Dog Daily Expert

Can My Dog Attend My Wedding

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