Are Christmas Trees Safe For Dogs?

Your Christmas tree brings joy during the holidays, but it can also bring danger to your dogs and other pets. Apart from you, your dog may think that your Christmas tree is her friend during the holidays and cannot see the perils that tree can represent. Most dogs are instinctively drawn to its inviting smell, but beware; that natural curiosity can lead to the risk of severe injury or worse. Your dog’s temperament and demeanor will play a role in how much mischief she might find herself in. Even the most well-behaved dog will find it hard to resist the temptation of a Christmas tree and its trimmings. Short of 24/7 supervision, the next best line of defense to ensure her safety is to take precautions that could eliminate or at least minimize risk to your dog’s health. 

Christmas tree needles are not digestible, and if your dog tries to eat them, she’ll likely get sick and vomit, and that is if you’re lucky. They are mildly toxic, and if she manages to ingest them, they can cause damage, obstruct, or even puncture her digestive tract.

Oils from the fir tree can also irritate your dog’s mouth and stomach and cause her to vomit or drool excessively. Daily sweeping and vacuuming are the best ways to keep tree needles out of your dog’s reach. Toddler gates are also an excellent way to keep your dog away.

Be extra careful with artificial trees as the small pieces are plastic and not organic. These little plastic pieces can get lodged in her digestive tract and lead to illness, large veterinary bills, and even death in extreme cases. You can spray an organic dog repellent on your tree to try and minimize the risks.

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Article written by Author: The Dog Daily Expert

Are Christmas Tree Needles Safe For Dogs

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