What is the Best Family Dog Breed?

Caring for a dog is a long-term commitment that requires time, patience, and attention. This is why choosing the right dog to bring into your home can be daunting. It sometimes isn’t enough to simply be willing to love and look after a dog for their entire lifetime. You should also be prepared to make personal adjustments based on your puppy’s temperament and needs.  So what is the best family dog?

If you are looking for the right dog to care for, here are a few things to consider before visiting a breeder:

  1. Your Home 

Puppies need a safe and comfortable place to rest, which is why it is important to take into account your living environment before choosing a dog. The size of your home, its location, and the space around it will help dictate what dog breed is right for you. Generally, small dogs do well in flats, while large dogs do well in spacious homes with a big well-maintained lawn. 

  1. Your Time

Every dog requires a certain amount of attention and care, so your family needs to assess its routine before deciding to adopt one. There should always be someone available to feed, groom, play with, train, and exercise your dog. If your family tends to be busy or is rarely home, choose a low-maintenance dog that can manage some hours alone without its humans.

  1. Your Needs 

It is easy to get smitten by a puppy’s appearance, but how it looks is one of the least important considerations when choosing one. If you already have a specific breed in mind, do thorough research on its temperament, needs, overall health, and maintenance costs. Take into account its negative characteristics to avoid a lifestyle mismatch and have a basic understanding of the signs of fleas. Your family needs a dog that everyone can get along with while also having a wonderful time taking care of.  

Top Family-Friendly Dogs

  • Mutts

Because they are a mixed breed, these dogs are less likely to have genetic defects. They are also unlikely to fall into any extremes.

  • Golden Retrievers

Intelligent, friendly, and loyal, these dogs settle well into any home. They are fairly easy to train and generally healthy.

  • ​​French Bulldogs

Their gentle and playful temperaments make French Bulldogs a wonderful family pet. They like to show affection and are good with kids.

  • Labrador Retrievers

While energetic, these dogs are gentle around kids. They are playful, friendly, and eager to please.

  • Poodles

With their small size, these friendly and playful dogs are suited for rough-and-tumble play. They are patient and polite with children. Poodles barely shed, so they’re great for families who have issues with hair and allergies. 

  • Irish Setters

These happy-go-lucky dogs are naturally friendly and obedient. They are affectionate and will love their humans unconditionally.

Finding a Verified Breeder 

Now that you have decided to bring home a dog, it is time to find yourself a reputable and responsible breeder. This will not be easy, as some people tend to breed dogs for the sole purpose of making money. You should look for a breeder who wants to produce

healthy puppies and make sure their dogs find a good home to live in. This way, you end up with a happy and healthy dog that best fits into your family’s life. 

Take time to find verified breeders in your area by talking to your veterinarian, dog trainer, family, or friends. A good breeder should know the dog, know the breed standard, and provide you with references and all needed information. Take the time to verify your breeder to make sure they follow ethical practices (no puppy farms!) and do proper DNA testing and microchipping to make sure your new dog gets to you in good health. 

Article written by Author: Elsa Smith

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