How Do I Manage My Overweight Dog?

Do you have a pudgy puppy? Many dogs, like their owners, could stand to shed a few pounds. That extra weight isn’t healthy and can lead to serious health problems. And some canines are simply couch potatoes — which is never what nature intended for our dogs. But how do you trim down and fire up your pudgy pooch?

  1. Visit your veterinarian for advice. 

    Some obesity stems from medical conditions such as hypothyroid. Have your vet check for health problems. If your dog is exploiting your heavy-handed feeding practices, your veterinarian can recommend a prescription dog food that will help shed those unwanted pounds or recommend sensible proportions.

  2. Cut out snacks.

    That includes the pizza and dinner scraps you’ve been sneaking under the table.

  3. Have your veterinarian clear your dog for exercise.

    Start slow — a daily walk around the block or a short game of fetch — but do this every day and gradually build up to more prolonged and more strenuous activity. Easy and fun exercises include fetching a ball or Frisbee, creating a short obstacle course, and having your dog negotiate it, or short, brisk walks. Remember to start slow and keep cool, especially in hot weather. As your dog becomes more fit, increase his activity—bicycle with your dog (provided your dog is well-trained to run beside your bike). Use a Springer or similar device designed to tether your dog to the bike safely.

  1. Participate in a dog sport or activity.

    In my book, The Simple Guide to Getting Active with Your Dog (TFH, 2002), I discuss activities and dog sports for your pet. Backpacking with your dog (even in urban areas), agility, flyball, Frisbee, and skijoring are all activities open to all dogs.

  2. Warm-up and cool down your dog.

    Warming up can include a slow walk before beginning an activity or a slow stretch, where you gently move your dog’s legs through a full range of motion. Doing this before and after exercise will help keep your dog limber and fit. So will bringing along extra water, so your dog does not become dehydrated.

How Do I Manage My Overweight Dog

Article written by Author: Margaret Bonham

Our posts on weight management below include facts and information from qualified professionals that will hopefully assist you with strategies for maintaining a healthy and happy dog.